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Custom order complete bench seat upgrade for OBS trucks. Tweed, plaid, vinyl and leather upholstery by Specialty Seats LTD.

Sport Chevron Bench Seat

The Sport Bench Seat is a modern bench seat designed for retrofitting vintage truck interiors. The width, material type, colour and stitching are all customizable so each seat is one-of-a-kind. Our proprietary frame and spring system with contoured foam provide greater support to the driver, at nearly half the weight of the average vintage truck seat. With Canadian craftsmanship and a high standard of quality, each seat is handmade to order.


Installation is a simple two-step process. First order the same width as your existing seat, and our model-specific mounting kit. Secondly, our seat, sliding tracks, and mounts will bolt directly into your factory mounting locations. No drilling or fabrication is required.

  • Each seat comes pre-mounted to sliding tracks for front-to-rear adjustability and features a hinging backrest for ease of installation and access to behind-seat storage.

Expected to ship in eight-ten weeks from order date.
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