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Vinyl seat cover replacement for 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Polaris INDY, SKS, XLT, RMK, XCR. Specialty Seats Ltd.

1996-2002 Polaris Indy, XC, XCR, Ultra, RMK, SKS

This replacement seat cover fits 1995-2001 Polaris snowmobiles with the larger style wraparound taillight and a measurement of 29" between the gas cap and the raised section at the rear of the seat. See the fitment guide here.


Specialty seat covers are made in Canada. Featuring a four-way stretch vinyl rated for -50° C, heavy polyester thread, and stainless-steel snaps, this cover is of higher quality than OEM. It also comes with two new snap bases and pop rivets to replace the snaps on the snowmobile.



This cover is available in two styles. One replicates the factory seat with a pleated top panel and coloured piping. Our second option is an economical replacement featuring a streamlined all-black cover without pleating or piping.



Only the seat upholstery is being sold. The seat cover is shown installed for demonstration purposes. You must install the cover onto your existing seat foam and frame. This cover utilizes a four-way stretch vinyl for ease of installation. If you’re local to central Ontario, contact us for installation.

  • This cover fits a range of Polaris snowmobiles including INDY, XC, XCR, ULTRA, and STORM with 29" between the gas cap and seam of the rear bolster, and has a larger wrap-around taillight. Contact us prior to purchase if you're unsure of fitment.

  • Covers are non-returnable due to possible damage from attempted installation. If you have any questions regarding model fitment please get in touch with us before placing your order.

PriceFrom C$199.99
Expected to ship in two-three weeks from order date.
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